Lz Map Search – View search results in a modern, ajax powered Google Map page

You can now have a map enabled search page with the click of a button! The Lz Map Search plugin gives you a fully responsive map enabled search page that can substitute your site default search page no matter the theme you are using, just enable it, choose your mode and done, you now have a a modern search results page fully integrated with Google maps.


Integrates to any theme!

The Lz Map Search integrates to any theme, free or paid, don’t matter, in the full mode it completely substitutes your default search page view by the Lz Map Search page.

Easy to use

Just install & enabled, by default the map is in “Full Mode”, all you have to do is visit your search page (ex: http://yourdomain.com/search ) to view your new map enabled search page working.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive layout with the help of the “Bootstrap 3” library your search page can be visited via phones, tablets and pc’s without a problem!

Powered by “Google Maps”

Full Google Maps integration, with many cool features already in use but we can do much more, so expect updates with new options and ways to help your user interact with your service in useful ways.

Ajax powered

Much of the tasks are done using Ajax technology, making for a light and fast interface that is cool to interact with.



Lz Map Search has 3 modes to integrate to your classified ad’s website, which contributes to a higher integration flexibility, those are:

Manual Mode

In this mode you have to manually place a function call in one or more of your theme files, this function once called will display a link to the Map Search page, you can place the link wherever fits best on your theme.

Auto Mode

The auto mode once enabled will make user of the “search_form” hook to display a link to the Lz Map Search page, in this mode there is nothing you need to do assuming the theme has the “search_form” hook implemented, which it should.

Full Mode

In the Full Mode your search page is completely swapped by the Lz Map Search page, this means that every time a user goes to the “/search” page it will be on the Lz Search Page that your users see, this else makes use of the “before_html” hook to it’s job, this hook is implemented by the OsClass platform it’s self, so it should be really stray forward.


Other Options

The Lz Map Search has many great options, including:

9 Great Themes

Choose from a set of 9 different themes for your search page, if none of them fits your current theme you can always create a custom one!

12 Google Maps styles

Lz Map Search comes packed with 12 different map styles hand-picked from Snazzy Maps, just choose one from your admin panel or use any other map style available at Snazzy Maps by saving your new style to the styles directory.



No clustering is applied, all map markers will show up as they are.

Cluster Markers

This options will use the “MarkerCluster” plugin to group markers that are close together displaying the number of markers in the spot, once the group is clicked the will zoom in revealing all the markers inside that group.

Spyderfy Markers

This options will use the “Overlapping Marker Spiderfier” plugin to group markers that are close together, clicking the group will spread the overlapping markers allowing you to click on eny of the inside markers.

Custom logo

Uploading your own logo to your new search page is easy, you can also upload a icon logo to be displayed in smaller screens like phones and tablets.

Fixing missing locations

The OsClass platform by default do not update the items Latitude and Longitude when a item is created or edited, for that we had the default “Google Maps” plugin, which if enabled will update the coordenates of your items during creation or update.

But in some cases users had the Google Maps plugin disabled, causing the items not to have the proper coordinates filled out.

The Lz Map Search plugin comes with a utility to fix that, you inform your Google Api Key and with a click of button it will loop your database records and fix all missing coordinates and from then on it will update your items coordinates everytime a new item is created or updated, cool right!

More options to come!

There are many other options that I’m working to implement, so expect updates and new features to come regularly, bringing even more options and functionality to make your classified ads website even cooler!


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Lz Map Search – View search results in a modern, ajax powered Google Map page

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Release date:2015-06-01
Last updated:2015-06-01
Current version:1.0.2
Product type:OsClass Plugin
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File size:2.2MB
Requirements:OsClass 3.3+, PHP 5.4+
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