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Are you an Opencart, OsClass or WordPress tutorial’s developer or author? Or maybe you want to start creating articles but never done before. You are invited to post your tutorials here and become a regular Layoutz Web author, your name, website and bio description will be displayed at the bottom of each article, allowing you to not only help other users and contrinute to the comunity but advertise your work and acomplishments to many possible interested clients.

What do I need to do?

To become an author fill up the form below with your first article in a zip format, don’t forget to send us all the images in your article and the article it’s self in “.doc” format. We will analize your material and if it meets the basic criterias like grammar, vocabulary and lenght we will not only post your article but create a user for your so you can post you articles in the future.

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If this basic rules are not followed your account will be revoked:

We require at least one article a month for you to continue being a author.

Any article sent to us or posted on our blog will be under our ownership and will not be removed from the blog after aproved even if your account get’s revoked in case of not following the rules.

Articles must have a minimun length of about a page, we won’t count lines but we will analize if your text is consistent to what it proposes.

If your article has missing images it will not be posted and will be returne to you with observations on whay it was not aproved.