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Non-Exclusive Authors Only

Here at Layoutz Web we don’t care where else you post your theme or plugin for sale, what matters is that sell, as long as you are the one making money we are happy!


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Every house has it’s rules

To try and keep this a great place for users to find great files and specially for you to make money, we have some ground rules you need to follow after becoming a author, they are simple but make a big diference if you follow them:

  1. Your plugin, extension, theme or template must work as advertised if for some reason it does not we will return it to you with the descriptions of problems we had so you can fix it and re-upload file for review.
  2. Once your file is approved you must provide support, normally this is done via comments on your items page but you can also direct your buyers to a private support sistem that you may already use, never the less, you must provide support to your buyers.
  3. We keep a eye on the support questions so try not to take more than 24 hours to respond inqueries.
  4. Treat your buers well, respond all their questions, remember they are the reason you are here.
  5. Be a comunity member, help out and from time to time try to provide a free item, made with care, and we will promote your free item in our free section, this can be great for your brand, not actually a rule but good practice.